A type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that most often occurs in young people aged 12-30.


Burkitt's Lymphoma Resources

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Joshuah is now a healthy 9 year old boy who was diagnosed with Burkitt's just shortly after his 4th birthday. He was treated with CHOPS and surgery. Following his chemotherapy regimen of 4 months Josh obtained complete remission. Just Prior to his 6th birthday he suffered a relapsed. It was necessary for him to undergo more surgeries, high intensity chemotherapy, an autolgous peripherial stem cell transplant followed by 10 rounds of radiation. Today just shortly after his 9th birthday he is still in complete remission and is living as normal a life as one would expect. Although he periodically complaines of pain in the extremity his life remains very full. He is academically above average and has socially adjusted quite well.
We feel we have been extremely blessed to that everything seems to be looking up. Josh will begin a late effect study this summer. He continues to be watched closely and routine bone scans, MRI's, CT, liver panels, kidney panels, cardiograms, pulmonary function tests along with CBC and checkups are part of his follow up care.

May God Bless all those who traveled down this road and give them strength for the journey.



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