A type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that most often occurs in young people aged 12-30.


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Updated March 19, 2003

Dan remains in remission, though suffers with alot of side effects. He has painful joints, back aches, feels like the flu at all times. We have been to many different doctors all state, a year from last chemo he should suffer no side effects. I would like to differ and beg you that have on going side effects to email me. We as a group can make a stand. Dan completed chemo in 4/99. Currently is on zero meds. He works full time and is about to turn 21!!

I have a new email, Nofear4me23@attbi.com

hugs and stay strong... there are alot of people who care... like me



My son Dan was diagnoised with Burkitts 9/98 and started the aggressive chemo the same month. His cancer was found in his oropharynx, Dan had a sore throat for a few days then noticed a swollen gland on the left side of his throat. We had Dan treated for 2 rounds of antibiodics, thinking it was strep. While the lump grew and Dans voice became hoarse and difficulty getting food down, we went to a specialist. A biopsy was done within a few days. Then came the wait and worry for the results. After 2 weeks the report was back, small, non-cleaved highly agressive NHL Burkitts. Dan spent 5 to 6 days in the hospital getting chemo, from oral to intrathecals. He would come home to become sicker and when he finally felt a bit better it was time for another round. April 1999 was his last round. Dans hair has returned, the same color, dark brown on the bottom with a coat of blonde on the top. Which Dan dyed bright blue! (after a year of chemo, I couldn't say no) He is still having back pain, which we are told is from the intrathecals. Dans counts are slowly rising. He still has trouble sleeping, and his balance is a bit off. Dans stomach is at times upset and he doesn't have a big craving for any certain foods. I am just happy that today we can say remission. My son before cancer has changed, and so have I. Some for the better. We now have many new friends thru e-mail and cancer chat rooms.

A recent visit to the doctors a 1cm node at the original site has been found, we are just watching it.

To anyone seeking support, or if i can answer questions feel free to e-mail me at Nofear4me23@attbi.com

LeeAnn: Mum to Dan 17, Burkitts Lymphoma, & blue hair!


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