A type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that most often occurs in young people aged 12-30.


Burkitt's Lymphoma Resources

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I am a survivor of Burkitt's lymphoma Stage IV w/mets diagnosed during pregnancy. I was having severe jaw pain and head pain (similiar to African's Burkitts- Go figure!) for 2 months before anyone knew what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed with TMJ by oral surgeons and neuralgia by neurosurgeon. My oral surgeon told me if I had any numbness or problem in facial nerve it would be brain tumor and he laughed. Well, guess what. He was totally wrong. According to Laurie, if you read her story, you can get chemo during pregnancy. I did get chemo but very agressive because I did not have a choice. I had to have emergency C-section at 28 weeks, then transferred to Cancer hospital in City for IT chemo.

It really sucked. Anyone who went through chemo in IV was bad enough but in spine was torture, right? I am currently surviving miraculously 18 months. I thank my son to get me off that morphine drip! I will continue to do it whatever it takes, because my strong will and alot of prayers is what pulled me from my dying experience. It is truly a miracle!

What I am interested in now, is helping others deal with the side effects from chemo. As we all know, there are many. I am a nurse which makes it worse sometimes to deal with all this medical BS. Someone, please contact me regarding your experience, it may help me with mine. I still feel like it was a nightmare and maybe it wasn't really me.

I can be contacted by email st cmreinha@bellatlantic.net.

Colleen Reinhardt


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