A type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that most often occurs in young people aged 12-30.


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We would like to remember those who courageously fought the battle against Burkitt's Lymphoma. If you would like to include a memorial or a link here, please email us at memorials@burkitts.org.

  • Jeffrey Alan Martin - Lexington, Kentucky - (May 16, 1967 - June 11, 1999) - This web site is dedicated to the memory of Jeffrey Alan Martin, who died 11 June 1999 at the age of 32 after a 5 month battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma. Jeff never gave up his fight or his hope for a bright future. Jeff is sadly missed by his wife Cecilia, daughter Yvonne, his parents Leroy & Marge, his brothers Kenn & Ron, his sister Ellen as well as many other relatives and close friends.

  • Greg - (January 2, 1973 - May 17, 1999) - Greg passed away on 5/17/99 after an 18 month battle with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was 26. He was always hoping for the best, he never gave up. He had so much love to give, so many plans and dreams.

  • Ben Douglas - Scotland - (November 1, 1981 - June 30, 1999)
    - Tribute
    - Eulogy

  • Katie Elizabeth Turner - (May 29, 1976 - April 24, 2000) The cancer took her life in six short days. I never heard Katie complain, and she kept her sense of humor. Katie will be remembered for her warmth and compassion. She is sadly missed by her friends and family.
    Memorial by Katie's sister and cousin

  • Laura Backus - Kansas City, Kansas - (24 years old) - Passed away in 1995. Laura was a senior medical student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City -- 2 months away from graduation, she was diagnosed with Stage IV Burkitt's. After 5 months of treatment at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, she died in our arms.
    Memorial by Laura's mother, Anita Backus.

  • Michael Dean Woodruff - Reeds Spring, Missouri - (September 24, 1970 - April 7, 1999) - He died at the age of 29 after an 8 month battle. He fought very hard and somehow managed to retain his humor and courage to the end. We love and miss him so much.

  • Rosemary - Courageously fought against Burkitt's Lymphoma. She remained positive to the end.

  • Alan Michael Orinik - (April 24, 1988 - January 16, 1992) - Alan passed away after a three month battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma. He was 3 1/2 years old and a wonderful little boy who fought a courageous battle.

  • Joseph Leroy Cartwright - Passed away April 20, 2000 at his home after a 9 month battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma.
    Memorial by Joseph's sister, Rosemary Thompson.

  • Jesse - (May 8, 1985 - Dec 5, 1998) - Jesse died after a 35 day battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma. His wish was that he didn't want to be in the hospital for Christmas, well, he did go home for Christmas, just not the home he wanted to. He left behind a Dad, Mom, a wonderful brother, and 3 wonderful sisters... We will always miss you son. Its never too late to start telling your child you love them, until they're gone. :( :(
    Memorial from Jesse's parents.

  • Adam Chennauolt - April 27, 1977 - June 11, 1985) - A loving brother, with the kindest Soul and the strongest Heart. Never to be forgotten. Gone to the Lord after a 2 year battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma.
    Memorial by Adam's sister, Jaime.

  • Scot Smith - (August 14, 1966 - December 26, 1994) - A lover of reason, of knowledge, of his family and friends, of classical music, and a lover of life. He possessed a sharp mind, a quick wit, and rich passions. He leaves behind his two loving parents and brother, many loving friends, and a very promising future. He was 28 when, after only three tiny months, he was taken from us.
    Memorial by Scot's friend Catherine, who, after five years, still misses him terribly.

  • Ashley Amber Falks - Passed away in March, 1989 at the age of 4, at home in her mother's arms.
    Memorial by Ashley's mother, Deborah Falks

  • Billy Lee Perez - (August 6, 1963 - July 23, 1999) - Diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma in January and died six months later at the age of 35.

  • Sarah Frances Headley Somers - (1931 - July 3, 2000) - Passed away after a 17 day battle with Burkitts Lymphoma. She lived and worked on the Rappahannock River with her husband for 47 years. Her daughter was glad to be able to bring her home o see the river for her few final days. She is loved and missed so much. She was a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.

  • Sherri-Lee Guilbert - (March 6, 1959 - March 7, 2000) - Diagnosed with stage IV Burkitt's Lymphoma, December 24, 1999 and earned her wings on her birthday, March 7, 2000. Sherri-Lee worked in stage and film for 20 years and then returned to school in September, 1999 as a graduate student at McMaster University in Child Life Studies. She was diagnosed during emergency surgery on Christmas Eve. She endured 2 surgeries and 6 weeks of massive chemo therapy and was on her way to a B.M.T. when complications arose. She had another surgery and ended up on life support. Sherri-Lee's family had to make the difficult decision to remove her life support. Sherri-Lee died 1 hour after midnight so as not to add to her family's pain by dying on her birthday.
    Sherri-Lee was one of God's finest creations. She was filled with life, laughter and hope which she shared with everyone who came into her life. She was awarded the Child Life Studies Diploma post-humously. She helped her nephew through 3 years of chemo-therapy for Lukemia and her mother in her recent battle with Adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer).
    She is missed every single day and will always be loved and part of our family. Sherri-Lee is our butterfly, seeking beauty wherever she roams and bringing light and wonder to all who are in her presence. We love you Sherri and miss you desparately.
    Dedicated by Tami (your forever sister)

  • Kelly J. Roark - (March 8, 1960 - May 5, 2000) - Burkitt's took Kelly's life just 73 days after he got sick. He was very strong right up to the end. We were able to renew our vows the night before he started his new journey. He is survived by his parents and grandparents, 6 children, 2 granddaughters and me, his wife of just 2 years and 9 months. Kelly is missed by everyone. In the end he touched everyone and was given those 73 days to make peace where he needed to. I am so glad God gave him that time.
    Donna J. Roark

  • Jason Dean Combs - Union City, California - (August 31, 1980 - September 5, 2000) - Jason died at the age of 20 after a 6 month battle. He fought a hard, courageous battle. He kept his sense of humor and dignity. we thought everything was going well until the cancer "exploded" in July. We love and miss him so much - and are very proud of him.
    Memorial from Jason's parents, Barry & Katherine Combs and his sister, Becky.

  • Edwin Gonzales, Jr. - (August 25, 1985 - October 4, 1997) - Edwin died at age 12 after 10 months of a battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma. His wish was to die at home and be with his family. He is missed every single day and will always be loved. We still remember his smile. One day we will be together again. We love you Edwin and miss you desperately.
    Memorial from Edwin's family.

  • Josh Docherty - (December 27,1979- May 19, 2000)- Josh Docherty passed away on May 19, 2000 after an eight month courageous battle against Burkitts Lymphoma. He seemed to be doing well, and then in April they found it back in his cerebral spinal fluid. The doctor said "enough" and fifteen days later Josh passed on. It never occurred to Josh that he wouldn't make it, until one day there were tears in his eyes as he watched Lance Armstrong cycle to the finish line. We knew then that he realized his time left here was limited. He died a week later in the early morning. He had a sense of humor and so much strength all the way to the end. He is dearly loved and missed!

    Love your family and many friends XXXOOO

  • Robert William McKown - (April 2, 1958 - April 14, 1991) - Robbie died at age 33, five months after being diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma. He went to the hospital in November to start his massive chemo treatments and never came home. He suffered tremendously the last few months of life. There isn't one day that goes by without me thinking of him. He was the warmest, gentlest, kindest man you would ever meet. We miss you terribly.

    Memorial by Cindy Elliot, Robbie's baby sister.

  • Mitchell L. Nawara - (March 6, 1956 - November 1, 1995) - Mitch passed away after a courageous 8 month battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma. He never complained and kept his spirit up. I lost a brother and a great man. Mitch was a great artist and a musician. He was married for 7 months when the disease hit him. He had many unfulfilled plans and his life ended surrounded by his loving family.
    We all miss him greatly.
    From Mitch's sister and family.

  • Jack Partington - December 2, 1996 - June 14, 1999) - Jack lived in Laxey in the Isle of Man and was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma on his second birthday. He was a brave little boy and spent most of his last six months in Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool.

  • John Klingenberg - (1965 - June 22, 2000) - John was married just short of 12 years and was the father of four. John was diagnosed in November, 1999 and was in CR by December, 1999. Three weeks after his last treatment, the cancer relapsed and John went to be with our Heavenly Father. John was a loving, great man. He is missed dearly on earth but his children, family and myself (his wife) look forward to the day when we will be reunited in heaven. John was treated at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas.

  • Dustin Lee McCarrol - (February 4, 1977 - December 16, 1980) - Dustin passed after a 4 1/2 month experience with Burkitt's Lymphoma. What a neat little guy... old soul...my son...great teacher...

  • Julie Martin - (April 28, 1975 - August 29, 2000) - Julie was a six foot two All-American volleyball player at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan. Julie loved life and a good party. She was diagnosed with the cancer in December, 1999. At diagnosis it was at stage IV. Julie fought for nine long months.
    We will miss you Big Ju #16.
    From a dear friend and team member.

  • Celestina Vail Featherston Jones - (?? - October, 2000) - Celestina died two months after diagnosis. She had a tremendous zest and desire for life. She had beat cancer three times before, including intermaediate lymphoma in 1988. She remained hopeful and confident she would beat this terrible disease. She is missed and loved greatly.
    From her daughter, Peggy Jones.

  • Colleen A. Kelly - (June 11, 1969 - August 6, 2000) - Colleen died after a hard fought battle which included the strongest doses of chemo and a bone marrow transplant. At the young age of 31, Colleen passed away in the arms of her mother and sisters. There is not a day that goes by without a thought of her smiling face, that bounce in her step and that spirit which kept her fighting the battle of her life for 10 months. Colleen, life is just a whole lot sadder for all who loved you. We love and miss you so very, very much.
    Love, Mom, Joanne, Kathleen, Marianne.

  • Joshua Matranga - Age 15 - Passed July 31, 1999. Joshua was a good hearted young man of 15 who always gave people the benefit of the doubt. Joshua was diagnosed in July, 1999 and was treated at the Childrens Hospital in New Orleans, LA. After a week of treatment in ICU he passed away on a Friday night from high Potassium. We are heartbroken he never had a chance to fight the disease.He loved God and his family and he is so missed by all of us left behind. We will never understand why such a great young man was taken from us. Our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with the families fighting this rare disease. May God Bless all of you.
    Terre Mantranga

  • Joseph S. Rucki - Age 24 - Passed August 10, 2000. Joe fought a long and hard battle and is missed and loved by his mother, his two sisters and all of his family and friends.
    "Sleep With The Angels" my dear son.

  • Brian La Belle - Age 32 - Passed June 25, 2001. Brian brought joy to many lives and is sadly missed by his family. He will always be in our lives and live through us.
    Jilene La Belle

  • Darell Scott Jaramillo - Age 32 - Passed June 19, 2001. Darrell was a very intelligent, caring and courageous man. He received several Officer of The Year Awards for the New Mexico State Police and was one of the first recipients of the Medal of Valor for his heroic actions that occured in 1994 - the highest award for a state police officer. He had a genuine love of life and was a very committed and dedicated officer. He was a wonderful man and I will surely miss him as will his many friends and family. Goodbye, Darrell.
    In Friendship and Love, Amanda

  • Erik Hall - Age 13 - Passed May 27, 1997. Erik was a wonderful and loving child and a smile was always on his face. He loved sports and the outdoors. He was a lot braver than I. He never complained and tried to make the best of being so sick. Erik would always say "Mom, please don't worry. I will be better soon, you'll see. Please don't cry." Erik was the love of my life and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him and see his smile. He was a straight A student, scout and loved going to church. He had planned on going into the pharmacy field upon graduation from high school.
    Erik is grealy and sadly missed by his entire family and we are very thankful for having him for the 13 wonderful years. He was my only child and he was my heart, soul and life.
    A Harley Davidson ride is held each year in his memory to benefit the cancer unit for Women's and Children's Hospital in Charlestown, WV. Lots of donations made it possible to give the children a computer with games and a TV-VCR with movies along with do-rags for their heads with Erik's name, plus much more to make their stay a little easier with something to do.
    I Love You Erik, Mom.

  • Carlos Maldonado (b. May 6, 1971 d. August 2, 2001). This memorial is dedicated to Carlos who fought strong and hard for six weeks against Burkett's Lymphoma. Carlos never gave up hope and fought to the end. Carlos was only 12 credits from completing his master's degree in Library science and in December of this year, Carlos had plans on moving to Puerto Rico to make his life there. Carlos will mostly be remembered through his energetic laughter and his great talent on writing novels and poetry, which were never published. We love you Carlos and miss you so very, very much.
    With lots of love, your brother Kris, family, and friends.

  • Sebastian Winegardner. Sebastian was diagnosed on his 5th birthday July. 26, 2001 . He passed on Sept. 3, 2001 . He fought the biggest battle he could ever face . He fought strong to the very end . He will always be remembered not only in our minds, but in our hearts. He fought that battle very bravely. He always had a smile on his face that would bring a sparkle to anyone's eyes. He loved Scooby Doo, but the things he loved to do the most was go to the mall with Riki and me, and jam with all his favorite songs. Sebastian was and will always be my special baby boy. Sebastian: Mommy, Riki, Dada, Genny, Mama, Papi, all your uncles and aunts love you and miss you like crazy. I love you baby!
    Love , Mommy

  • Mark Glass (Greenock, Scotland) (February 20, 1971 - September 13, 1999)
    It's been almost two years since we've lost our brother Mark to Burkitts Lymphoma. A disease which I'd never heard of until he developed it. Naturally I thought cancer was cancer, I'm ashamed to say. Ironically, Mark was diagnosed with the cancer on his birthday, February 20, 1999. He was 28years old, some birthday present. We witnessed an amazing change throughout his treatment with him finally passing away some seven months later in a considerable amount of pain. I was with him at his side when he passed. A day in our lives that we will never forget. Even now as i write I have a picture of Mark looking down on me, watching me with a smile on his face which makes me smile to know he is out of pain. Mark was our older brother, me being closer to him that our younger twin brothers with a considerable age gap. I'm inspired by him, I watched him battle for his life so bravely for so long until the cancer took over his body and destroyed him. I'm very proud of my brother and love and miss him very much. I think of him a lot, everyday. I'm safe in the knowledge that when he died he told me as a brother he loved me and for me was the proudest moment of my life.
    His loving brother, David.

  • Kimberly Cherie Edwards - May 5, 1990 to Dec 13,2001. Cherie was a brave little girl right up until the end. After being diagnosed on June 26, 2001, she underwent five months of chemo-therapy and she was declared cancer free. But the chemo had destroyed her immune system to the point that a sinus infection turned into a fungal infection that ultimately took her from us on December 13, 2001. She will be greatly missed by every person that was lucky enough to have had their lives touched by her.
    Requested by her uncle, Gerald Kevin Ryan

  • Katie Davis - age 10. She was born on Mother's Day, May 12th, 1991, and left this earth after a 9 month battle with Burkitt's on September 3, 2001. Katie was a wonderful child and always a suprise. Happy, loving, smart, and beautiful to her soul. She touched the life of everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her... of loving her.
    We all miss her very much and will never forget the love she brought us all.
    Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jerry

  • Karl Robstad - Carmel, New York - (December 19, 1952--November 30, 2001)
    --I've often wondered what angels looked like, and now I know. Angels are 6'1" and look like Norse gods. They have moustaches and eyes bluer than any ocean. They have three sons who think angels are heroes and can't imagine life without them. Angels fight hard against Burkitt's, but no one really knows this because they never complain and always have hope. They love golf and basketball, especially watching their sons play basketball. In fact, angels coach all sports--basketball, soccer and baseball, not because they necessarily love the sports, but because they love kids. Angels are proud of their sons, win or lose. They also love watching Jeopardy with their wives, whom they usually beat because angels are very, very smart. Angels can do the NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle in one or two hours. They love vacationing in Cape Cod, Massachussetts, perhaps because this is time spent with family and traditions abound. They always wanted to go to Hawaii and Paris, France. Angels are very talented and can do anything--electrical wiring, plumbing ,carpentry, you name it. But most importantly, angels love their families and friends, and visa versa. Although angels are always with us, our hearts still ache for them. I know this because I was married to one for 23 years. He was loved by all and touched hundreds of lives. His name was Karl.
    Memorial by Karl's wife, Meg Robstad

  • Andrew Thomas Wasco - (Sept.1,1984-May 3,1998)
    He was 13 years old and fought Burkitts for 7 months. Andrew had a sense of humor and was so brave. He loved life and had a wonderful spirit about him. He used to love to make people laugh, such a kind soul..maybe that's why God needed him so....He's making God laugh in Heaven. He was loved by many people. He loved the outdoors, basketball, and the snow. We will always remember your wonderful smile.We miss you every second of the day.
    Love, Daddy, Mommy, Amanda, Megan and Emily (Teddy) (Thadius,your dog..)
    P.S. teddy your dog is doing great. Andrew worried about that before he left. !!!!

  • Mary Horner (1948-1988)
    Mary battled this disease for almost a year and a half before succumbing to it 2 weeks before her 41'st birthday. She was a fighter until the end and is sadly missed by her daughters Sheila and Jeanne, as well as her many friends and family members.

  • Chris Johnson (January 12, 1951 - January 11, 2002)
    Chris fought a courageous 67 day battle against Burkitts Lymphoma. He lost the battle the day before his 51st birthday. Chris was my loving husband. He was always putting others before himself even to the end. I know I am not alone because I can feel him next to me being my guardian angel now as he has always been. I miss him terribly and always will. I will not say goodbye because I know that we will be together again someday and spend eternity together. So I will just say "See ya later Honey".
    All My Love, Viola

  • J. Michael Zabkar (May 10, 1973 - January 19, 1990)
    Mike was only 16 years old when he was taken away from everyone who loved him. He was great at everything he did, wrestling, football, etc. He lost his battle in only 10 short months. He was courageous all the way till the end. I hope he's smiling down at his family and friends who think of him often. It's been almost 12 years, & I still miss him.
    KR-Enfield, CT

  • Henry F. Miller (November 6, 1942 - January 19, 2001)
    West Palm Beach, Florida. A true friend who suffered for only 6 months. His spirit never waivered, nor did his love for his friends and family. A man who loved life and was taken only 4 short years after his retirement as a fire lieutenant. Rest in peace my friend, your pain is over.

  • Jo Ellen Whaley Jo Ellen, my wife was born on 08-29-1971. After giving birth to our second child on December 12, 2001 she never regained all of her strength. After a few days of convincing her that everything was not normal we convinced her to go to the emergency room. After only a few hours she was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma on Dec. 30, 2001. On Jan. 26, 2002 my world came to a crashing halt. The Lord was ready to bring her home, and with that he wispered her name. She was 1 hour short of surviving excatly 28 days. My dear wife left behind me, her husband, a 4 year old daughter, and a newborn son. Surviving family also include her mother and step-father, her father and step-mother, her mother and father in-law, a step-sister and brother, a neice, a brother and sister in-law and a nephew. Although she has left this world her memory will live in my heart forever. As I heard it put one time "my wife left me for a better Man."
    JoEllen, baby I love you with all of my heart.
    Your husband, Daughter, and Son.

  • This is in memory of our friend and co-worker, Kathy Champagne, who recently passed away from Burkitt's.

  • Diane Dusenbery (July 8, 1981 - August 8, 1995)
    My daughter, had a very large tumor around her liver in February of 1995 which was found to be Burkitt's Lymphoma. After just over 5 months of very aggresive chemotherapy the cancer was no longer evident. The treatment left her with no immune system and on August 8, 1995, Diane died of a fungal infection in her lungs when her immune system was completely compromised. It was one month to the day after her 14th birthday!

  • Leroy Elwin Thevenot - Decatur, Illinois - (November 30, 1954 - April 23, 2002)
    Leroy passed away after courageously fighting a year long battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma. During that year he was never out of the hospital more than 2 weeks at any one time. He endured numerous surgeries and massive chemo therapy with a smile on his face and love in his heart for his family and friends. After very aggressive chemotherapy we were told his cancer was in remission. But the chemo had compromised his immune system and his body became ravaged with infection. At 2:10 am in the isolation ward at St. Mary's Hospital on April 23, 2002 death took him quietly from the hospital. We miss you and will never forget you. (Especially your rapid-fire laugh and your infinite knowledge of sports trivia)
    Your Mom; Loretta and Sisters; Linda and Debi

  • James Ponticelli - James was diagnosed in July of 2002. His untimely passing on January 28, 2003 takes a bright light from our world back to illuminate God's heaven. James, you were thought of so fondly by each member of our family and your lively pleasant nature is a part of so many memories we have of the children's school years in Ridgewood. You will be so deeply missed. James touched an enormous amount of people in his short life and will be missed by his family forever! Loving prayers to all the family from Jacque & Jon Weiss - Brandon and Andthyia Reese-Nelson. Memorial request also made by Margaret McCabe.

  • Mark Franklin Millsaps (May 25 1972 - November 17 2002)
    Mark passed away at 30 years of age after a brave two month fight with Burkitt's lymphoma. He is survived and lovingly remembered by his wonderful parents and sister, as well as a host of devoted friends. Despite a wonderful career with McGraw-Hill, he was most proud of his relationships with his family and friends. He is missed terribly.

  • Aubrey Dwayne Sandifer (Bree) Brandon, Mississippi (9 years old)
    Bree was your average 9 year old before Burkett's took him from us. Bree passed away in March 2002. He loved to fish, hunt and be most aggravating like all 9 years old are. He lived only 9 months after being diagnosed with Burkett's. He fought long and hard. He passed away at home with his family and friends. I had the pleasure of holding his hand as he took his last breath and feel privileged that he allowed me to do so. He was my son Jesse's best friend and closest cousin. They were 9 months apart in age and did everything together. This lost battle with Burkett's was something none of us thought we would ever have to endure. We know he is no longer in pain and that makes it much easier. Bree we love and miss you everyday. All of your pictures (even the one of your butt that you hate) are still on my desk at work. Jesse talks to you everyday please bless him with your love. He's too young to understand why. Pray that he will accept this and go on and see you again one day. Hugs and Kisses our precious angel, Aunt Tracy.

  • Pat (March 12, 1937 - May 1, 2003)
    He was known by family and friends as 'Pat'. Born March 12, 1937, he lived an interesting life with now deceased parents, four brothers and one sister before he married a beautiful little blonde. Together for almost 50 years they accomplished much but his greatest pride was his family. They shared four outstanding daughters, five grandsons and two granddaughters. Of all the many decisions he made during his life the most important one of all may well have been his choice to stop his short battle with this disease while he was still able to choose. My 'little' brother left his earthly family on a lovely East Tennessee spring afternoon, May 1, 2003, after spending his last weeks and days visiting with all of his immediate family who had come from near and far. My vocabulary does not have adequate words of thanks and praise for the Hospice Unit of the local hospital where he spent his final Earthly days, hours and minutes. "To God Be The Glory". This tribute is from his only sister, Ann L. Holland.

  • Tommy O'Donnell born Jan 4 1965 left us on Nov 2 1974. A happy son with lots of friends and loved music. Sadly missed by parents and two sisters. Back then not much known about Burkitts. He touched a lot of people. To our dismay his sister Heather joined him Nov 3, 2002 due to melanoma. Our hearts are broken.

  • Jake Heindel born August 13, 1995 went to heaven on July 27, 2002 after battling Burkitt's Lymphoma. He was a very brave 6 year old boy who was dignosed on Feb 9, 2000 and fought a tremendous fight. God gave us the best and most beautiful boy and there isn't a day that goes by but that his memory inspires us to appreciate life to the fullest.

  • Rae Markowitz April 10, 1920 - January 15, 1989. My beautiful mother, Rae Markowitz, died of Burkitt's Lymphoma in 1989 at the age of 68. She was never sick a day that I can remember growing up, but once she was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma, it took only eighteen months for her to be taken from us. She had just retired, after working her entire adult life, and was so looking forward to her "Golden Years" with my dad and the rest of her family. Sadly, that was never to be. During those painful months of chemotherapy and radiation, she lived with great courage and strength; never complaining to her loved ones. Her memory will forever live on in the hearts of her family and friends.

  • William Steve Foster October 4, 1989- December 31, 1998. This precious child was a typical nine year old. I say typical but that hardly discribes him. He, his mother and older sister came into my life through my oldest son. What a blessed day that was! He never met a stranger. The people he touched in he short life... I can't begin to tell you about. He was so courageous and tried to hold his Mom together after diagnosis. He was in stage IV/ V the first week in the hospital. He endured the chemo, radiation, and seemingly endless meds. like a true hero. But five months after diagnosis, he passed away in his mother's arms with a room filled with a dozen or more members of his family (bio & extended). He said something to me just after his protocol was set up at Brenner's Children"s Hospital in Winston -Salem, N.C. He reached for my hand and said, "Grandma Betty, I'm so glad you came into my life." Tears come into my eyes every time I think of that. But I told him that was exactly the way I felt about him. We all love you, Steve. You're our HERO! He left behind a sister Stacey, mom Cindi, and Danny, step-dad.

  • Dr. Newbold Val Jackman, Pharm.D. Born July 20, 1956 in Salt Lake City, UT, Val passed away at Kaiser South Hospital on July 12, 2003 at the age of 46 after a short, intense struggle with cancer. He is survived by his loving wife of 28 years, Lisa Ellen Voigt; and their five children, Kristene Lynn (Jeramie Wheeler), Timothy Jackman (Cozann Turner), Stephanie Ann (Cameron Almendariz), Daniel Alma and Emily Frances; his parents, Dale Leroy Newbold and Frances B. Jackman; four brothers, Dale Francis (Kathy), Chris Alan (Melanie), d'Artagnan (Kay), Troy Aramis (Ashlee); three sisters, Brenda Newbold, Lauralyne (Chris Chord), Nancy (Patrick Twomey); five grandchildren, Brianna Marie Wheeler, Beverly Ruth Harris, Sharlet Kristene and Valerie Margaret Newbold, and Makiah Almendariz; and many loving nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by an infant son, Scott Val Newbold, who passed away in 1986. After serving in the U.S. Army as a sergeant (military police), Dr. Newbold graduated from UoP Pharmacy School. For the past few years he worked at pharmacies throughout the valley as a relief pharmacist for Cameron and Company. As a high priest in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, he was a pillar of faith. Val was a doting father and grandfather. He had a wonderful sense of humor and wore a parrot shirt to work every Friday. He loved the outdoors: fishing, boating and shooting with his bow. He was generous and kind and never spoke ill of anyone.

  • James Lyle Denny Age 55 of San Francisco, CA and formerly of Davenport, IA lost the battle to Burkitts on August 3, 2003. This is my tribute to my uncle. I love you and miss you!! Michelle

  • Michel Segers - Netherlands- (November 3, 1959 - August 18, 2003)
    "So strong, so courageous, so full of hope...but...defeated.."
    Diagnosed in Februari, 2003, he passed away August 18, 2003.
    With love...his wife Lidia and son Yannick

  • Cameron Dale Burke - Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada (April 17, 1980- March 10, 2003) Cameron was the kind of person that made life vivid. It was his gentle spirit, kind heart and beautiful smile that, with the lightest touch could make the most trying situation seem bearable. He knew what it was to really live, to risk for the sake of experience and to make the time that he had on this earth rich with love, laughter, friendship and warmth. He is dearly missed by all who knew him no matter how fleeting the moment. Cameron fought bravely to stay in this world, smiling in the face of adversity. After 22 years on this earth, Cam died of burkitt's lymphoma on March 10, 2003 surrounded by friends and family. He passed quietly and with the grace that only he possessed. His legacy is one of faith in the human spirit, love, trust, humour, compassion and most of all hope. He lived life to its fullest, and to quote one of his favourite people, Kurt Cobain, "It's better to burn out than fade away". His memory and spirit will never fade from the hearts and lives of those who loved him.

  • Billy Reinhart Jr. July 31, 1980 - May 21, 1986.

    There was a precious little boy named Bill
    Full of vim and vigor
    His love enveloped all who knew him
    He was a lad of five no bigger.
    He gave to all four years of joy
    Then he was stricken, this precious boy
    One year more he showered his love
    Until the Lord reached from heaven above.
    His work seemingly done, now has just begun
    For though his earthly body is gone
    His gentle spirit surely lives on.
    From the realm of heaven comes this impelling drive
    To help those in need to survive
    We know little Bill wherever you are
    You're guiding us like a BRIGHT and shining star
    Carry on little angel from up above
    Show us the way to share your love

    We love and miss you.  Mommy and Daddy.

  • Ann Paterson (63 years old) -- died after only 29 days of being diagnosed. She was a new grandmother to 8 month old Liam. She was the kindest woman in the world, and loved by hundreds. She fought hard, and made everyone proud. She will be missed terribly.

  • Geraldine Byrd June 28, 1938-December 7, 2003

    (God called another soldier home from battle)
    Geraldine Byrd
    Geraldine Byrd

    To all other families may God be with you. I hope no one has to endure this atrocious disease.

    On an Indian Summer day in September 2003, my Grandma Jerry went to the emergency room with what we thought was the flu or a virus. Unbeknownst to us about what lay ahead, she initially was sent home from the emergency room with antibiotics. But my grandmother, (a very wise lady) knew better after a few days when she wasn't getting any better. She went to a different hospital and they admitted her promptly. Mind you, she had very significant other health problems.

    Again, the doctors there said she had a virus or the flu, but with days of intravenous antibiotics she was continually getting sicker and weaker. The hospital continued to run blood test after blood test. They finally did what is known as a bone biopsy and found out she had b-cell lymphoma (Burkitt's). That's the day our worlds came tumbling down! We're no strangers to cancer. My grandmother suffered through two previous mastectomies for breast cancer.

    So, we assumed we'd fight and she'd get through this like the other cancers before. Boy we were in for a rude awakening!!!! She was transferred to Jewish Hospital here in Cincinnati Ohio where they have one the most advanced bone marrow centers. She was treated very aggressively with all type of different cancer drugs. They ultimately tore her immune system down so bad she had sores in her mouth, lost weight and lost mental stability. Keep in mind my grandmother was already sick from several other illnesses.

    She had just turned 65 years young on June 28, 2003. We kept on fighting and battling this monster for three long months up and down like a roll-a-coaster. One day she was better the next she wasn't. To have so much hope and to sit and watch her suffer killed a certain part of my soul, my life as well as my family's. The family decided after three months of suffering that it was time to let her go. We removed her respirator on December 5, 2003 and she lived until Sunday December 7, 2003 at 12:07 p.m. We lost a mother, grandmother, auntie, sister, and most of all I lost my best friend.

    Grandma I know you are guiding us as you continue on your journey. We just wanted you to know that we could not let you suffer in sickness as you suffered all you life. We let you go with some dignity because we all know your strength. We all miss you and wish we could have taken some of your pain away. You're in a better place now. You'll never be forgotten for all your kindness, generosity, and wisdom. RIP we'll SEE YOU later because I'm sure we'll all meet again. Forever gracious, your family! To all the other families may God be with you along your fretful journeys.

  • Patrick Dennis Sherwin March 20, 1969 - December 11, 2003

    Patrick Sherwin, 34, was a generous and honest friend with a great sense of humor. He was extremely intelligent, an avid reader of many topics and was attending college full-time when he became sick with a rare and rapid form of lymphoma (Burkitt's). He loved music, computers, reading, science fiction, and cycling.
    Sumbitted by friend, George Perry.

  • Chad Joseph Brubaker August 22, 1982 - October 18, 1987.

    In memory of my first-born and only son. You gave me strength when I had none, you made me smile when all I could do was cry. It has been 16 years since you went to heaven, and the pain feels like yesterday. If only I could have taken away your pain. I'm your mother that was my job, but I couldn't. We had 5 of the most wonderful years together. I am truly blessed God chose me to be your mother. Melissa, Megan and Molly miss you terribly.

    You became an uncle on Sept 4, 2003 to Olivia. I look forward to holding you in my arms again, son. Please watch over your sisters for me. I love you so much Tiger! Until we meet again in heaven little guy, I miss you every day. Love forever and always your mommy.

    *Chad died of Burkitts Lymphoma after a 3 month battle*

  • Jerry Dean Cox July 13th, 1960- January 18,2004. .........my dear brother....He was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma, September 2002.......... he was 43 yrs. old....why do the good die young????????? My brother never drank, he stopped smoking many years ago, he was still married to his high school sweetheart ...Elisa.......married for 25 ˝ yrs.., with two great kids , a boy, Jeremy, and his baby girl "Kristen".....and his first born granson;; "Lil" Mathew ...Mathew was born December 13th,2003...although my brother was never strong enough to get to hold him, at least he got to see his beautiful grandson ....he is missed so much by me, our mother, and Elisa....they we're there for him till the end...he had so much pain ,but now it's over...
    See Ya' Soon "Bro"
    Love Ya' "Sis"
    This is my last e-mail to my brother....I love you!!!!!!!

  • Jeffrey C. Russell 1964 - 2002.

    Jeffrey Received a kidney transplant in 1991. After many years of taking the immuno surpresant drugs to prevent rejection Jeff developed Burkitt's. Through all his trials after the kidney transplant Jeff never gave up. He always asked, "what's next". He was well known local drummer and had his BS in Social Work and worked at a nursing home.

    When Jeff was diagnosed with Burkitt's it took awhile to realize how serious it was. He thought he could survive it like the transplant. Never gave up until the end.

    Sadly Missed By - "His Debbie", His parents, brother and sister, neices and nephews, aunts and uncles, grandmother and his dog Tiffany.

  • David Lee Platt October 17 1969 - August 27 2003

    David passed away after five days with Burkett's Lymphoma with leukemia presentation. He had battled Ulcerative Colitis for 10 years before contracting Burkett's. He lived in Salt Lake City, UT, but had grown up in Oklahoma. He loved his family and friends. He liked to collect pocket change. (I would call him Scrooge McDuck the way he constantly stacked and counted the money) He will be missed by all that knew him.

    John M Platt (his little brother)

  • Phillip J. Hammonds November 15, 1944-January 21, 2004

    My father was diagnosed with Burkitt's (as a result of his service in Vietnam) in March 2001. He was a strong man physically before the cancer, and I thought he would always be so. But as he struggled with the cancer, I came to realize he had more strength inside than outside. I know his strength came from God, and Dad helped us through it all as much as we tried to help him. He refused to give up even when the end was near. We truly miss him and without the help of the Lord Jesus Christ we wouldn't have the hope of seeing him again. I love you Dad, don't worry the kids will never forget you!!

    Love Kitty, Blake, Rachel, Maggie

  • Johnny Brian Almond Sept.16,1977-June 9,1997

    After getting sick on Mother's Day 1997, he had a biopsy the next day. He lived in the hospital for the next 40 days & 40 nights. On the 41st day as soon as our Dad got to the hospital he took his last breaths. The day my brother died it was like I had lost one of my own children. I was 9 years older than he was, so by the time I started my husband he wanted to be with us all the time, which was fine with us. When he turned 16 and got his license he started staying with my husband and me. We had two children by then and they loved their Uncle very much. By the time he got sick he had seen our 3rd child only a few times. While he was in the hospital, he held his youngest nephew for the first time. My son, Brandon was almost 11 months old. Johnny asked me if he could hold Brandon, but asked of I would help hold him up. I almost cried when Johnny asked me that. I thought to myself that a normally healthy 19 year old a month earlier was now so weak that he couldn't even hold a 20 lb. 11 month old. That was the last time that Brandon saw his Uncle Johnny. Around Christmas of 1997 Brandon got a toy phone that talked, he came through the house just talking on his toy phone. I asked who he was talking to and Brandon said " My Uncle Johnny." I cried for two hours thinking about the day Johnny held Brandon and remembering how weak Johnny was. I hope I never have to see anyone go though the pain of seeing a loved one go that fast again. I still grieve over my only brother after almost 7 years. May God bless each and every one of you who has lost a loved one.

    Renae Johnson

  • Wayne Weber, JR Dec 12, 1984 - Jan 12, 2003

    JR, as we called him, was born a healthy, active, and gifted child. At 7, he was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. At 15 an untreatable case of hives and a swollen axillary gland was diagnosed as Birgitta's. After a long bout with CLOP chem, he appeared to be in remission until he day of his 18th birthday when it was discovered he had developed leukemia from the chemo. He was not a bone marrow candidate because he had already had his lifetime amount of some of the chemos and he had already chosen not to treat again because he was still disabled by the original illness and his quality of life was so poor. He graduated to Heaven one month later and is playing his drums for the Lord.

    Sue Tobias, JR's Mother

  • Clare Rachel Cowling aged 36 died on 7 April 2004, in Taunton, Somerset in the UK. Clare was a wonderful wife to Nick and mother to David, aged 11 and James, 7. She fought this disease for over a year and did so with so much bravery and determination, never complaining and still taking an interest in others lives. She will be missed terribly and she will always be in our hearts and thoughts.

    Submitted by Helen Sutherland, Clare’s sister in law.


    Our son, Michael lost his battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma after 2 years of extensive chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant and experimental treatment. Michael was an exceptional child with great knowledge and sensitiviy towards others even while going through therapy at the age of 8 years old. We were blessed to have him for 10 years. Michael was a fighter and everyone's hero!

    Memorial by Mother, Father, Sister Melanie and Brother Brandon

  • Lui Ubilla Dec. 9, 1979 - April 11, 2007

    We lost our loving son, Lui, to Burkitt´s Lymphoma on the 11th of April, 2007. He was only 27 years old! Lui had gone to the emergency room at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami because of problems with his stomach. We never imagined he was so sick! Lui underwent a biopsy on Good Friday, April 6th, 2007 and apparently as the surgeon was removing tissue from a mass behind his sternum the procedure caused an explosive effect on the mass and the cancer cells rapidly invaded all his organs including the heart cavity. This caused Lui´s heart to stop and the doctors worked on him for 20 minutes and were able to get his heart pumping once again but Lui never regained consciousness. He was sent to the Intensive Care Unit under the loving care of Dr. Frank Rosemeier who turned out to be an angel disguised as a doctor. Lui´s other organs began to fail and he passed away at 7 a.m. on the 11th day of April, 2007. More than fifty members of our family and many friends were there when he passed on. I was able to say a few words to him before he took his last breath reassuring him that I would be okay, that it was okay to rest and go on to God! How difficult was for my husband and I to let go of our precious son, who had been a gift sent to us by God! You see we adopted him when he as three days old! The sadness and complete emptiness we feel without Lui cannot be explained. He gave us joy, love, companionship, trust, respect, laughter! Bebo, as we lovingly called him, remember we carry your heart, we carry it in ours! We miss you and we need your love and pray that one day we will all be together again in Heaven! Thank you for giving us the happiest 27 years of our lives!

    We love you! Mom, Dad, Paola, Pablo Antonio, Andres & Lorena!

  • Chad Forshey - February 8, 1983 - August 18, 2008

    Chad was like one of our own. Our son and Chad had been best friends since they were 3 years old. Chad was struck with this terrible disease in June of 2007. Chad was the strongest person we will ever know. There was never a moment when he ever thought about giving up. He always had such high spirits. August 8th he had a bone marrow transplant. Everyone, even the doctors thought the outcome would have been 100%. He developed an infection and nothing they did could stop it. Just to tell you what kind of person he was, his love of snowmobiling was so great last March, as sick as he was and with the permission of his doctor, Chad took his last trip with his buddies. Chad was such a caring person and always put everyone before himself, even through his illness. We will greatly miss him and honored to know someone so young made such an impression on everyone.
    With love, the Hicks family.

  • Sgt. Thomas Benjamin White - March 20, 1983 - October 14, 2007
    It took the military a while to finally get Tommy back to the states when he was diagnosed. He was in Japan. About 10 days before his 24th birthday he was here at Balboa hospital with what the doctors thought was his last 48 hours. But he showed them. The chemo began doing it's thing and after his 4th round we returned to Colorado. Home. We thought he was going to make it. His brother was a perfect match for a transplant and Tommy was darned determined and in such good shape. September 21st they did the transplant, The Epstein-Barr virus caught up with him and by October 14th he was gone.

    My gosh we were proud of how he handled himself. He was a hell of a marine and had been a little soldier his whole life, running around 'righting all the wrongs' that he could and fighting me over wearing a dirty camouflage t-shirt he just loved at 6 years of age! He loved football, the Ave's hockey team, staying fit, 30 seconds to Mars band, Japan, and was driven to marry and have lots of kids. He always had direction in his life. Nov. 9th, 26 days after losing Tommy, his nephew was born and was given Tommy and his Dad's middle names. Life just goes on. We love Tommy and he's always with me, his mom, in my heart!

  • Arthur Lee Howard - (December 20, 1925 - December 28, 2009)

    Confirmed diagnosis of Burkitt's Lymphoma on December 17, 2009. Died December 28, 2009. He was a people-person who loved talking with family and friends. Farming was a big part of his life. He loved traveling with his grandchildren. He greatly enjoyed watching other local farmers harvest their crops and loved delivering flowers and vegetables to friends. He is survived by his wife of 58 years, 3 children and 4 grandchildren. He will live forever in our hearts.

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