A type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that most often occurs in young people aged 12-30.


Burkitt's Lymphoma Resources

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Acronyms seen often on mailing lists, newsgroups, web sites, and other material.

ALL 		acute lymphocytic leukemia (+3 subtypes according to 		
		morphology.	L1-L3 and subtypes according to phenotype:
		T, pre-B, pre-pre-B, B)
BCP-ALL	        B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia
AML 		acute myelogeneous leukemia (+8 subtypes MO-M6)
AMML		acute myelogeneous leukemia
ANLL		acute non-lymphocytic leukemia (included in AML above)
APL		acute prolymphocytic leukemia
APML		acute promyelocytic leukemia
CLL 		chronic lymphocytic leukemia
CML		chronic myeloid leukemia (each has subtypes)
HCL 		hairy cell leukemia

BL		Burkitt's lymphoma
CNSL 		central nervous system lymphoma
HD 		Hodgkins lymphoma (4 subtypes)
NHL 		non-Hodgkins lymphoma (many subtypes)
MCL		mantle cell lymphoma
MF 		mycosis fungoides (cutaneous T-cell lymphoma)

AA 		aplastic anemia
MDS 		myelodysplastic syndrome (4 subtypes)
MM		multiple myeloma
MPD 		myeloproliferative disorders
PV 		polycythemia vera
WM 		Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia

Treatment Options
ABMT 		autologous bmt- your own marrow
BMT 		allogeneic bmt- someone else's marrow
SBMT 		syngeneic bmt- identical twin's marrow
MUD		a transplant using a matched unrelated donor
PBPC		peripheral blood progenitor cell transplant
		(which is becoming the new standard term )
PBSCT  	        peripheral blood stem cell transplant
PBSCR 	        peripheral blood stem cell rescue
PSCT or PSCR  	The same as above without the word "blood."

ACOB		doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, bleomycin
ABVD		doxorubicin, vinblastine, bleomycin, DTIC
ARA-C		cytarabine
ATRA		all-trans retinoic acid, or Vesanoid
BACOP		bleomycin, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, 	
BEAM		busulfan, etoposid, ara-c, melphalan
BLEO		bleomycin
2CdA		2-chlorodeoxyadenosine  (Generic name = cladribine)
C-MOPP		cyclophosphamide, oncovin, procarbazine, prednisone
CCNU		(1-2-chloroethyl)-3-cyclohexyl-1-nitrosourea)
CHOD		cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, dexamethasone
CHOP		cyclophosphamide, adriamycin, vincristine, prednisone
CHOP-BLEO  	cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, prednisone and 	
CMF		cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, fluorouacil
COP		cyclophosphamide, vincristine, prednisone
COPP		CCNU, vincristine,procarbazine, prednisone
CyA		cyclosporin A
DCF		2-deoxycoformycin  (pentostatin)
DTIC		dacarbazine, 5-(3,3-dimethyl-1-triazino)imidazole-4-		
EPOCH       	etopside, prednisone, vincristine, cyclophosphamide 		
		(cytoxan), 	adriamycin
FAC		fluorouacil, adriamycin, cyclophosphamide
Flu		fludarabine  (Fludara)
IFN         	Interferon (comes in alpha2a, alpha 2b, human leukocyte,
		and beta--Another one "concensus" is still in trials)
IL		Interleuken
mBACOD		methotrexate, bleomycin, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, 	
		vincristine, dexamethasone
MOPP		nitrogen mustard, vincristine, procarbazine, prednisone
MTX or M	methotrexate
proMACE		prednisone, methotrexate with leukovorin rescue, 		
		doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, etoposide (VP-16)

Blood Stimulating Factors
EPOIETIN	erythropoietin (Epogen)-- is used to stimulate red cell 		
G-CSF		granulocyte colony stimulating factor  (Neupogen)-
		stimulates 	growth of white cells .
GM-CSF		granulocyte  macrophage - colony stimulating factor 		
NEUMEGA		platelet stimulating factor
TPOIETIN	thrombopoietin - (platelet stimluating factor) --still in 	
		clinical trials

General Terminology
BMA		bone marrow aspiration
BMB		bone marrow biopsy		
BMT		bone marrow transplant (see specifics listed above)
B2M		beta 2 microglobulin test. Beta-2-microglobulin is a protein
		found on all the surface of all cells and small amounts are
		shed into the serum. People diagnosed with blood diseases and
		who have levels of  beta-2-microglobulin below 3.0 seem to
		have a longer survival rate.
CCDRT		cell culture drug resistance testing
Cnet		Cancernet  (where one gets PDQ and Cancer Lit papers)
EPOIETIN	erythropoietin (Epogen)-- is used to stimulate red cell 		
EORTC		European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer
FISH		Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization. It is a test used to
		detect chromosone abnormalities in cells and has been used
		to test lymphocytes in CLL.  The results help to predict the
		prognosis for a particular patient.
G-CSF		granulocyte - colony stimulating factor  (Neupogen)- 	
		stimulates growth of white cells
GM-CSF		granulocyte  macrophage - colony stimulating factor 		
GVHD		graft vs host disease
GVL		graft vs leukemia or graft vs lymphoma
HDC		high dose chemotherapy--often used to condition one before
		a BMT or PBSCT
Ig		Immunoglobulin (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM)
IV		intravenous--into a vein
Mab or MoAb	monoclonal antibodies (i.e. Campath-1H, Rituxan, Bexxar)
MUD		matched unrelated donor of bone marrow
NMDP		National Marrow Donor Program --1-800-526-7809
Neumega		a platelet growth factor
NR		nodular remission (nodules of cancer cells remain in the 		
		marrow, but there are less than 10% cancer cells throughout)
OR		overall remission
PBSCR       	peripheral blood stem cell rescue --same as PBSCT below
PBSCT		peripheral blood stem cell transplant
PDQ		physicians data query
PR		partial remission
SWOG		Southwest Oncology Group
TPOIETIN	thrombopoietin - (platelet stimluating factor)

General Acronyms
Bx		Biopsy
B/P		Blood Pressure
CR 		complete remission
CRN 		complete remission with nodular pattern in marrow
CS		Clinical Stage
CBC		Complete Blood Count
Dx		Diagnosis
GP		General Practitioner: Doctor within NHS (UK)
HCT   		Hematocrit The percentage of red blood cells in the blood. A
		low hematocrit measurement indicates anemia.
Hem/Onc		hematologist/oncologist
HGB   		hemoglobin
HLA   		Human leukocyte antigen test  A special blood test used to match
		a blood or bone marrow donor to a recipient for transfusion or
IV    		intravenous, placed directly into a vein
MD		Medical Doctor (USA)
OR 		overall remission
PR 		partial remission
RBC		red blood count
RX		prescribed medication
TBI		total body irradiation
WBC		white blood count
WBC/HPF	 	white blood cells counted per high powered field
WD	 	well differentiated
WW    		watch and wait (also called, watch and worry)
XRT 	        external radiation therapy

CIS  		cancer information service (of NCI) 1-800-4-CANCER
FDA  		Food and Drug Administration (USA)
NCI		National Cancer Institute (USA)
NIH		National Institutes of Health (USA)
LRF		Leukaemia Research Fund (UK)
LSA		Leukemia Society of America (USA)
NHS		National Health Service (UK)

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